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, and as you head toward gilroy. we put it back in the looping motion you see how it's starting to slide south. we will see lots of sunshine later on in the day. by lunch mainly clear around the bay area. but this morning temperatures on the cool side. upper 30s to mid-40s with some of those lingering showers this afternoon should be sunnier, temperatures only warming up to the low 50s. so it is going to be a cool one. with the clear conditions overnight, temperatures will drop down to 43 degrees to near 50 degrees. it's going to be very chilly tomorrow and i'll have your complete accuweather forecast coming up. katie. >> francis, thank you. we are also keeping an eye on water level at bay area reservoirs which have been filling up rapidly with all the rain. many nearing capacity. we are live at lexington reservoir. how are things there? >> hi, katie. we are in a break right now from the rain. but as you mentioned, we are at lexington reservoir. it's right next to us, next to hay way 17. it's the largest rainwater reservoir in the santa clara valley water district and it's currently at 63% cap
watch continues now as we travel down south to gilroy and the surrounding areas. residents gathered to watch as the water began to rise. water often goes over the road there. a levy was able to with stand the excess water however there was flooding in other parts of gilroy. in pittsburg a -- pittsburg a bag up today. these are aerials. sig alert was issued and a small section of the highway, only two lanes were open. a large pot hole was to blame. the pot hole that left dozens stranded in the rain. 25 cars blew out their tires after running into the pot hole. the rain made it difficult to see the pot hole. some changed their own flat tires in the rain. those who couldn't do it had to wait for help as they worked to fix the pot hole. >> i thought, oh, my god, it was bad. it was bad. there was a lot of people mad, it is raining, cold and we are stuck out here. i am upset. i am very mad. i hope i don't have to pay for this. >> a tow truck driver was at the scene. it was a five hour long ordeal tractor-trailer this morning, blocking two lane. the truck driver ignored the high wind warni
. livermore. san jose, mid-60s. gilroy, 6 . -- gilroy, 64. a string of dry days, mild temperatures. check out monday. temperatures inland near 70. mid-to-upper 60s, even at the coast, and mid-to-low 60s, and then the cooling begins tuesday, and showers wednesday and thursday. >> ama: thank you so much, leigh. and mike shumann is here with sports. big college rivalry game. >> mike: still one left. the college football bowl season is upon us so we have one regular season game left, army versus navy. navy's dominated in the past. army had their chance ♪ we were skipping stones and letting go ♪ ♪ over the river and down the road ♪ [ female announcer ] at nature valley, we know nature comes together in amazing ways. that's why we bring together natural ingredients, like dark chocolate with toasted oats, or sweet golden honey. perfect combinations of nature's delicious ingredients, from nature valley. ♪ ♪ i was thinking that i hope this never ends ♪ [ female announcer ] nature valley granola bars, nature at its most delicious. >> mike: after losing to the giants in the nfc title game
. some in hayward, fremont, and moderate rain between morgan hill and gilroy. this system moves out but we have a series of storms backed up in the pacific. we'll look at the timing of those coming up. >> ama: still to come, getting gunses off the street. hundreds turn out for a bay area gun buyback program. >>> a mess after a deadly accident on a bay area road. we'll tell you how traffic is moving tonight. >>> a different kind of mess on highway 1. why a closed highway could stay closed >> ama: one person is dead after a multivehicle crash in south fran seasons on southbound 280. the road has been cleared and traffic is moving in the area again tonight. no word on the cause of the accident. >>> new details tonight on a fatal accident involving an off-duty chp officer. happened last night on highway 12 in fairfield. the officer just finished his shift and was leaving work when he pit a pickup turning left in front of him. the chp had not released the officer's name. >>> a section of highway 1 through sonoma county will remain closed indefinitely. the highway -- a small section of th
road, and down towards the gilroy area, hollister, morgan hill, that's where the light to moderate rain bands filter through, and all of this will slowly place back overnight. we'll keep a chance of showers in the forecast. temperatures right now, cool in the mid-to-upper 40s. in all locations. cold showers overnight. also a possibility of snow coming down on higher peaks. hamilton this afternoon reporting a light dusting so it's there with all this cold air in place. some clearing by tomorrow afternoon before another round of rain moves in late tomorrow night. overnight temperatures in the north bay in the mid-to-upper 30s. 40s, mid-to 4r0s elsewhere, and here's a look at the storm system. you can see the cold front making its way across the bay area, it's falling apart but will bring us more moisture off and on tonight. the cold showers will continue, in some of the higher elevations, could possibly see a little snow. here's a look by saturday night, starting at 10:00, most of the activity to the south and then tomorrow morning, at 5:00 a.m., we'll look for the few more lingering show
gilroy, and from north to south, the trajectory of this cold front, so they'll start to see clearing this evening. our how much rainfall? these are just preliminary. i'll be back at 6:00 with the details ones. over four inches in novato. over close to two inches in accept a -- santa rosa, oakland, inch and a quarter, and lesser amounts towards concord and livermore but you didn't see the rain until a couple hours ago. so here's a look at the forecast. rain will be ending overnight. we gate dry day for christmas eve day and night, and then more rain for christmas day and the day after. here's a look at the front -- one more time -- just slammed right into the bay area. continuing to push towards the south. the clearing up here. we get into that tonight. here's a look at the forecast animation. you can see about 8:00 tonight, and that is when the funnel system will exit the -- this frontal system will exit. this is 5:00 a.m. monday morning. we may see a little fog in the protected valley areas. maybe mist and drizzle but dry conditions by 6:00 tomorrow night, increasing clouds. get rea
gilroy we have an area of assisted yes, sir and more concentrated rainfall. experiemany areas areg dry conditions. it is pleasantly cool to mild. temperatures in the mid40s in some of our inland locations in the north bay and low 50sin other locations like antioch, san francisco, half moon bay. on to our winds which are calm in many spots at the moment. we have winds gusting to 20 miles per hour at half moon bay. that's quite a change from earlier in the evening when we had some brief, but powerful gusts in many locations. showers continue tonight and will be heavy at times. beliefly moving quickly through the area. winding down. partly cloudy and cool on thursday. let's look at our projected lows for tonight. it will be a little chilly, but not cold. in the north bay valleys 40 in santa rosa and 40 in fairfield. low to mid40s over the remainder of the bay area. our satellite-radar composite shows the movement of the frontal system that brought us the shower activity and rainfall and snow in the sierra is pushing to the south and east at the moment. still some trailing showers to follo
gilroy we have an area of assisted yes, sir and more concentrated rainfall. many areas are experiencing dry conditions. it is pleasantly cool to mild. temperatures in the mid40s in some of our inland locations in the north bay and low 50sin other locations like antioch, san francisco, half moon bay. on to our winds which are calm in many spots at the moment. we have winds gusting to 20 miles per hour at half moon bay. that's quite a change from earlier in the evening when we had some brief, but powerful gusts in many locations. showers continue tonight and will be heavy at times. beliefly moving quickly through the area. winding down. partly cloudy and cool on thursday. let's look at our projected lows for tonight. it will be a little chilly, but not cold. in the north bay valleys 40 in santa rosa and 40 in fairfield. low to mid40s over the remainder of the bay area. our satellite-radar composite shows the movement of the frontal system that brought us the shower activity and rainfall and snow in the sierra is pushing to the south and east at the moment. still some trailing showers to f
, gilroy, you can see the intensity has started to lessen. a green on the map, more like blue we're looking for some light rain showers moving through that particular area. you can see near santa theresa boulevard hit and miss activity. it was crazy earlier today. look at the rainfall, four inches in some parts. mount st. helena, two inches. inch and a half in half moon bay and close to an inch for san jose. is this it? is there any more out there? we'll take a look at seven-day forecast coming up. >> ama: one of the biggest trouble spots is where parts of the creek is threatening to overflow the banks, it runs through east palo alto and menlo park and palo alto. they have been calling them warning of potential flooding in the area. at least several hundred people of east palo alto along university avenue have lost their homes. police officers are driving along neighboring streets and broadcasting warnings to residents. creek is already at least four feet above flood stage. the creek is likely to overflow its banks near the creek bridge. free sandbags are available at airport terminal and a
this heavy rain. so you're seeing the widely scattered showers. the spot of concern is out toward gilroy and morgan hill. rainfall rates right here coming up to an inch and a half to 2-inches an hour. it's a fast moving little cell that's moving through here. the rainfall rate is very, very strong. when we get back we got the latest computer model and i'll give you an idea of what you can expect. you have more showers in the forecast. the main event that just happened that's what you heard on your rooftop just a little bit ago. we'll see you back here. >>> the recent storms are bringing some good news for the regions water supply. in the south bay a spokeswoman for the santa clara water district says that reservoirs are 102% of normal capacity for this time of year. she says the intense storms have helped the ground water levels. >> we were doing pretty well. you know luckily we've had a series of ongoing storms so we're not in a deficit situation. >>> currently lexington reservoir is 60% full. yubas is 90% full. >>> the sierra is get ago good dusting of snow and a lot of skiers and snow
gilroy, headed out this morning, grab the jacket, temperatures in the upper 40s along the coast, isolated shower, a little breezy, around the bay, looking at upper 40s to lower 50s by this afternoon. a chance of showers lingers into the afternoon inland about the same deal upperpi%6m s right now, looking at a chance of showers throughout the afternoon. >>> busy but not a bad drive this morning. live look 80 westbound past golden gate fields, bunching where 580 merges with 80, things pick up past university into emeryville and bay bridge toll andman maci should say. live look at bay bridge toll, no -- and macarthur maze i should say many minor delay for cash paying folks, san mateo bridge good brake lights westbound, moisture, possible rain shower blowing through the san mateo bridge not bad towards foster city and some of your drive times >>> we are continuing to follow breaking news you first saw here on abc7 news 4:30 this morning. 2-year-old girl in the hospital after a truck crashed into an apartment overnight. terry mcsweeney joins us live. >> reporter: we two a chance to talk to a v
tiburon and off the coast, over into the east bay, light activity around concord more around gilroy, highway 101 through hollister, temperatures dropping in the north bay, quarter mile visibility for santa rosa, chilly there, 39, still mild in oakland at 52, afternoon highs not much warmer mid 50s around the bay, looking at temperatures at our coast to be just in the lower 50s very chilly weather and chance of showers lingers through the afternoon and evening. >>> good looking ride out of marin county southbound 101 through waldo tunnel to the golden gate bridge, wet roads no problems southbound four lanes in the northbound direction the reverse commute earlier stall north end of the bridgeómó3 that's been cleared. no problems leaving san francisco. east shore freeway starting to bunch up past university into emeryville and bay bridge toll, no metering lights yet traffic getting into san francisco nicely from the east bay. some of the busier commutes, 580 good from the altamont past windmills into livermore and dublin pleasanton area highway 4 westbound east shore commute if the
of the newtown school shooting. cbs 5 reporter was at one such vigil in gilroy. >> reporter: here in gilroy, 3,000 miles from newtown, connecticut, there's still one thing that they can do. >> bow your head and say often in prayer. father, i ask that you be with us tonight, lord. >> reporter: about 70 people attended a candlelight vigil at the south valley community church to pray, mourn, and heal. >> this christmas we ask you to heal us, to help us, to be born anew in us, and to be with those surviving students. >> reporter: the victims names were read aloud. a candle lit up for each one of them. they photos, all 26 flashed on screen. the vigil was as much for the victims as it was for the local community. >> the question is are we preparing ourselves for when it comes? are we preparing ourselves so that we're able to feel this in a proactive way. so that on the outcome we are stronger on the other end. >> reporter: as the pastor said, one way to deal with anger, fear, and anxiousness from a tragedy is with hope. in gilroy, cbs 5. >>> investigators looking into the school shootings are questi
the coastline. morgan hill and gilroy, highway 101, a little bit of wet weather through castroville. we have more weather to go on the way today. it will be on and often rain showers, though. so temperatures once again on the mild side. starting out with mid-50s to about 60 around the bay. and by the afternoon still a chance ever showers, low to mid-60s. it's not until the evening hours that we are looking at the rain becoming more intense in the north bay. i'm talking sonoma and marin. if you have plans tonight you will be in the rain but the heaviest rain when you are sleeping. we will detail the flood watches and the timing of the rain coming up in a little bit. katie. >> thanks so much. as the next big storm moves in, the big concern is the north bay. take a look at this video from outside of the stump down brewery in this time-lapse webcam video. you can see how quickly the river has risen. allen long reports from sonoma county where the national weather service has issued a flood warning. >> certainly it will be up to here. the flood stage or the expectations at gurnville is 32 feet. >
the live doppler 7 hd, a few showers have developed between gilroy and holister. we have moisture on mt. st. helena. you can see from gilroy towards holister, we have isolated shower, brief downpours and small hail not out of the question. this will be out of here by the time the sun goes down. the temperatures look like this, in the 50s and on the cool side. 50 degrees in fremont. only 52 in san francisco. and san jose. fairfield, 52 degrees. here are the highlights. another frosty night, inland. light rain tomorrow. we are looking at bigger storms. it is really going to be an unsettled pattern. as you look at the frost advisory. it goes up for the ace bay interior valleys, 2:00 a.m. until 8:00 a.m., the temperatures are expected to drop down, throw mid 30s. watch out for frosty windshields and slippery sidewalks as patchy frost is expected to form heading into the number. by morning, down to 33 in livermore, 34 in fairfield. 34 in santa rosa. nap, 33 degrees. the only thing that will save you from dropping too loy in the north bay is the cloud cover in advance of the rain. let's check out
to moderate in parts of san martin, 101, all along gilroy and 152. so they are going to clear today, this afternoon. and this morning we are starting off with temperatures right now in the 40s. clearing this afternoon, climbing up to the low 50s. then by this evening it it wille cool and dry with temperatures in the low 40s to near 50 degrees. i'll have your full accuweather seven-day forecast coming up shortly. katie. >> thank you. continue our storm watch coverage this morning, keeping an eye on bay area reservoirs which have been filling up rapidly with all this rain. many are nearing capacity. abc news reporter kira klapper is live. >> as soon as francis said the rain would be moving south, it started sprinkling a little bit. our drive down this morning was very wet on 101. a lot of slick conditions through redwood city and south of there. here in los gatos, as i said, not as wet as it has been. but it's been wet all over the bay area. let's take you to some video we have yesterday from marin county near mt. tam. it is full and overflowing. same for this dam. rushing water has b
. >> plus. >> i'm in gilroy and award winning marching band and color guard from the south bay will guard from the south bay will be making historyíáf- >> well new year's day almost here and that means float decoration for the rose parade is in high gear. frantic last hours. right now more than 1,000 volunteers are working very hard putting finishing touches on the floats. san jose high school band is one of only 2 dozen bands performing in the tournament of roses parade. as corrina explains, they also do something that has been -- has never been done before. about ♪ band playin playing. >>reporter: this practice taking place in the parking lot of gilroy guard be theme park. real performance will take place on national television. >> pretty much just excitement. we are ready to go and prepared and excited. >>reporter: san jose valley christian high school is not only marching in the tournament of roses parade but is the first band ever to team up with one from another nation. beijing no. 57 high school. before today the only time the 2 groups met was on a visit to china in apr
. as you can see the entire intersection is covered in water. send them in to us >> the gilroy garlic festival is at risk because of the high water. these people however, are used to the high water conditions in this area during the rainy season. in gilroy, rob fladeboe, kron 4. >> the santa cruz mountains also look to see about it 10-16 in. of rain fall in just five days. we are getting our break however cough in a week and this one seems like it was a doozy! are we gonna get a chance to at least let our umbrellas dry out before another system hits? looks like the rain could possibly hold off on to state the live look at the golden gate bridge is mostly clear for tonight with dry conditions. partly cloudy skies tonight and mostly sunny. some patchy fog in the north bay and high clouds for the afternoon. has this afternoon gets closer to still look for rainfall that is going to be light. one-quarter of 1 in. with 2 in. of the higher elevations. not as strong as this system as what we of scene. wednesday, a stretch of dry weather on thursday >> thank you. gamow all the high winds and d
. people gathering at solo's cross say and gilroy to watch as the water was on the rise. at this point they had not crested over the roadway. nearby levee was able to withstand the extra water. there was some flooding in other parts of gilroy that shut down rose and said some trees crashing down to. this will be a clean and day and are spared and a dry day. >> we have more wet weather on the way. awfully crews will get out there and fix the damage because we have more rain expected tomorrow night headed into wednesday. conditions and the james lick freeway no issues with a cloud cover or visibility there. north of the golden gate bridge in the valleys of visibility is down to zero and portions of the vial just pretense of a mile in santa rosa. we have seen conditions improve and napa over highway 37 the drive with extra caution and be careful of the cars in front of you. we have several locations in the 40's. 45 out the door and hayward 45 in redwood city. this afternoon highs '50s and '60s around bay area. the satellite and radar showing the bigger story here we have clouds making a b
, low to mid 40s gilroy and salinas, 49 monterey. partly cloudy today, showers over the ocean near beach or two possible freezing cold tonight north bay, coldest in the 20s freeze warning east bay valleys bay shoreline santa rosa -- santa clara valley a frost advisory tonight beaches not expecting frost some valleys close to the beaches definitely, stormy pattern starts thursday. yesterday's cold front pulling way, jet stream diving down from alaska, pushing putting us in the coldest air now low to mid 50s this afternoon. next system up to the north alaska next behind that is farther south pacific ocean that's why temperatures are going to rise with the next systems, higher temperature more likely we get heavier rain. a lot of us dealing with frost, find your credit card or ice scraper. 5:00, light shower possible north bay where the best chance of rain overnight going to be thursday morning most of us dry except north bay heaviest rain north bay from 11 until most of the evening hours while the rest of us are starting to get light to moderate rain by the time we get to thursday night, h
in gilroy. here is the accu-weather seven-day forecast, showers are pretty much over with and then we'll see partly cloudy conditions, cool day and frosty start tomorrow. it's great through 2013. >> bundle up and leave the umbrella at home. >> for a few days in sports, warriors welcome the boston celtics. they beat the 76ers winning their 20th game for the first time in 22 years. >> sixers at oracle, golden state were holding their opponents down. curry and barnes with the dunk. and wright, finished with just 8. and getting it done early. nick young, get it out in the first row. david lee aproved with the finger wave. pull away. more defense, carl landry ties it and swat on young. third quarter it continues! clay thompson, gets i it to barnes, 18-point lead for the warriors. he is fouled and you know things are going good if you can make a freethrow, money. they welcome to boston to town tonight. >> mega fight between gilroy's fighter and floyd mayweather is almost a done deal. the fight would take place at mgm grand may 4th. this lab pay-per-view event that mayweather losing men accustomed
are not the only one who's enjoy a good camp fire. stay with us. >> in gilroy an award winning marching band and color guard from south bay will be!7u makig history in the tournament of roses parade. you'll hear how, coming up. >> coming up... new on abc 7 news at 5:00 trouble with san francisco parking management program how a glitch could leave drivers circling longer. >> hundreds of new laws will hit books soon what. will be illegal for californians on january 1. just days from now. that is at 5:00.hkxañ;x;x;x;x$ú >>> the not only is a san jose high school band going to be performing in the tournament of roses parade but the students will be marching from a bandx never done before. and two bands first joint rehearsals today in gilroy. this practice taking place in the parking lot in a theme park. the real performance will be on national television. >> we're ready to go and prepared. excited. >> valley christian high school not only marching in the tournament of roses parade but the first band, ever to team up with one from another nation. beijing number 57 high school. before today, t
for the evening commute. anywhere from morgan hill all the way into gilroy but that's it. the system is out of here after producing some copious amounts of rain today. a third of an inch in san jose. half inch in sfo, a little more throughout the tri-valley. santa rosa approaching an inch and over an inch in san francisco. there you have that stat in oakland, as well. overnight tonight with the blanked of clouds numbers in the 40s and 50s. we'll see pockets of fog, as well. then we'll start to see the clouds gradually breaking up in the overnight hours leaving us with some areas of fog for tomorrow morning's commute. otherwise, we will have partly sunny conditions. wait until that you see seven- day forecast. first things first. pinpointing your neighborhood, 50s beaches. tomorrow for your thursday, 60s around the peninsula. jumping up to the low 60s as we swing around to the santa clara valley including willow glen, alum rock and alviso. east of the bay especially well inland topping off at 63, 46 degrees for the warmest locations. otherwise, 60 in walnut creek. this is similar to what we
la vega. >>> time is 5:34. gilroy police are searching for a young man accused of stabbing a 74-year-old man in downtown gilroy. it happened yesterday near lewis and monterey streets near the gilroy public library. the victim was stabbed in his torso. they believe he will survive. the attacker a white man in his 20s. he had blond hair and wearing dirty tan clothing. >>> once again today we will see if the supreme court will announce if it will take up proposition 8 the ban on same sex marriage. the justices will meet again this morning to decide which cases they will rule on in the coming months. as with last week, if prop 8 is on the list today, a ruling would likely come sometime in june. if prop 8 is not on the list, the waiting game will continue until the next supreme court conference which is scheduled for january. >>> concerns about the fiscal cliff are not hurting president obama's approval rating. it's now at 57%. that is the highest rating since may 2011 when navy seals killed osama bin laden in a raid. 42% of americans say the country is on the right track and majority thi
gilroy. it happened yesterday afternoon right near the gilroy public library. police say the victim was stabbed in his torso. they believe he will survive the attack. the attacker is described as a white man in his 20s with blond hair who was wearing dirty tan clothing. >>> our time is just about 6:34. some san francisco supervisors questioning if the police should have stun guns. the police department wants to give stun guns to specially trained officers. supporters say stun guns can ease a dangerous situation with nonlethal force. during yesterday's hearing several supervisors said police may rely on stun guns too much. only the police commission can approve the use of stun guns. >>> a note placed inside utility bills making some san jose police officers very angry. coming up the controversial insert that is upsetting members of the ranking five. >>> it's another day of suspense. supreme court is meeting in conference again. brian flores is in san francisco's castro district with what we might hear from the justices today. brian. >> reporter: yeah. that is an operative word there
's been tracking the rain. >> just a bit of light rain through morgan hill and gilroy. let me show you on stormtracker 4. near burbank. no yellow just passing showers for gilroy. dry with extra caution on 101. nothing to relieve concern yourself with but it looks like it will continue with a drying pattern for the evening hours. here is a look of rainfall totals. really, just traces near oakland and less in livermore. and also it looks like it will be dry in the next couple of days but more wet weather. with your futurecast, coming up. >>catherine: the rain came and went pretty quickly -- but it left a real mess. more on that - ahead. but first, the 49ers clinch a playoff spot. it was an exciting game against the patriots. kron4 sports producer jason appelbaum is here to tell us about it - after the break. [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world of happier holidays. time to enchant, delight and amaze. safeway will help you gather everyone round. a smoked, shank half ham is only 99 cents a pound. get breyer's ice cream for $2.88 and dessert will surely shine. make it a grand finale
showers from gilroy down into -- heading into the central valley. looks like we will get chance to dry out tonight. here is a look at that cold front. boom. just moves through. over the golden gate bridge, 7:00. you can see the clearing behind it. well enjoy some clearing tonight. rainfall, the last 4 hours, -- 24 hours, clearly this is a north bay storm. over two inches in santa rosa, over one inch petaluma. lesser amounts towards the south bay. i do want to tell you that all of the flood warnings issued for the napa and russian river have been cancelled. our wind advisory and flashflood watches for the bay area have been cancelled as well. but, but more rain in my seven-day forecast. i'll let you know when to expect it. >> ama: we have developing news. two people were rescued on highway 1 near creek road. the highway is underwater. several drivers had to be plucked from rising waters today as the storm caused creeks and rivers to rise quicker than expected. right now the napa river is reaching is highest level in downtown napa. john alston is at veterans memorial park. reporter: napa riv
the sunshine tomorrow. 53 for antioch, 62 for san francisco. gilroy will warm to 64. 64 in salinas. clouds thicken up tuesday. showers late in the day in the north bay and then after that we'll bring on sunshine thursday friday and sunday. it will start to warm up, too. >> mike shumann is off and rick kwan is in. couldn't win them all. >> three weeks ago the 49ers and rams had to settle for a rare tie at candlestick park. at st. louis, it nearly happened again. after two impressive starts, jim harbaugh, gore powers his way in from the 1. that would be their only touchdown. it was still 7-0 when colin kaepernick throws the ball out of bounds. he was flagged for intentional grounding. with san francisco up 10-2, kaepernick it goes over the head. he is in for touchdown. smith can only wonder what if. rams tie it up with a 2-point conversion. it was 10 apiece. kaepernick tries to make up with his mistakes and scrambles and thanks to great blocks. for a 50-yard run the longest by a quarterback in 49er history. that led to a field goal. rams forced overtime. david akers with a chance with a win
the bay, mainly mid 60s inland 64 gilroy, hollister and salinas. tonight clouds roll in, chance of rain to the north bay, temperatures there in the mid to upper 40s a few mid to upper 40s concord, livermore, fremont, san jose and palo alto, low to mid 80s, oakland, san mateo and san francisco. rain will slide from the north bay into most of our neighborhoods by tuesday afternoon. more scattered in nature, showers for wednesday, up to an inch in the north bay, up to half an inch around the bay, maybe a quarter of an inch in the south bay once we get past that, dry thursday through sunday. >>> good morning. golden gate fields westbound 80 east shore freeway is light at this hour, a little bunching up where 580 merges with 80, then everything picks up and moves slight nightly into the macarthur maze with no delays there. san rafael tail lights southbound past the civic center on the left of the freeway, it is at the limit, no roadwork once you get to the golden gate bridge it too is clear no roadwork there. roadwork eastbound 580 between greenville and north flynn, eastbound as well as at
. into the south bay, 64 for san jose, 64 for gilroy. extended forecast here shows you a nice day underway here. by tuesday things start to change. the rain comes back, not as soaking wet, not as windy. it passes through and as we get into the weekend, we'll be cooler. a cooler pattern settling in for the weekend. we look dry and clear. >> all right. thank you, rosemary. >>> we're getting word that brett hart middle school in oakland that's on coolidge avenue is now on lockdown. all we know, there's police activity nearby in that area. if we learn more, we'll pass it onto you in this newscast and on our websites and the later newscasts again, bret harte school on coolidge avenue is on lockdown. >>> a new development in the fiscal cliff talks in washington. also, a new supermarket in a san francisco neighborhood that really needs one. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing a brand new medicare prescription drug plan. it's called the aarp medicarerx saver plus plan from unitedhealthcare. and it's for people who want the lowest part d premium in the united states... only $15 a month. and copays could
. light rainfall here is the area. it's southeast of los gatos north of gilroy moving eastward towards high terrain there. we've got a little bit around morgan hill. it's tapering off and shifting away from populated areas. good news, but the totals impressive in many locations. 1.2 inches in warm springs dam. one inch in santa rosa. over an inch in san francisco. just under nine tenths in oakland. other locations received lower amounts of rainfall. concord about a third of an inch. where do we stand in terms of percent of normal rainfall? over 150% in most locations and nearly 200% of average in san francisco. we're not experiencing a rainfall; >> 40 trees toppled because of the recent storms, today about a dozen fell and have caused more damage. we're live tonight with the story. >> that is right. on 14th avenue in the richmond district. i'm using this light to sort of help knee navigate around here. this massive pile that you can see here is only a section of the huge eucalyptus tree that came down this morning. need less to say, crews were busy. trees and roofs combined
and gilroy. we are going to have clouds, going to be thick through the morning, then sunshine this afternoon, slow reveal of sunshine, sun angle this time of year hard to cut through moisture and warm the enough to thin out that fog. more fog and cooler conditions, mild and dry weekend. cold front from yesterday, sliding down to the south, high pressure building, notice how dirty, dirty area of high pressure it has a lot of cloud cover that's why we are never going to be completely sunny, but drier with breaks of sun, brighter than it has been for the early parts of this week. fog overnight going to hang around through the morning commute. by noon we'll start to see sunshine. partly cloudy this afternoon, coolest weather clear lake, cloverdale, ukiah, 50s there, the rest of us low 60s. monterey bay, same type of play with the sunshine, low 60s around the bay, low to mid 60s inland. around the state today no rain which is good news. tonight 40s and 50s, patchy dense fog. tomorrow mostly sunny in the afternoon, slight warming trend most of us in the mid 60s by the time we get to monday, tuesda
the monterey bay, same story, 61 monterey, 64 watsonville. low to mid 60s towards morgan hill, gilroy, hollister and salinas. tonight 30s fairfield mid to upper 40s san francisco 51°. area of high pressure west low to south, a little northerly wind now as that high expands east offshore wind or land breeze you can see temperatures respond in the mid to upper 60s sunday, monday possibly 70s there. 10 to 14 days without rain, there it is for wednesday, thursday inside slider the best chance is central valley up into the sierra getting much needed snow. for us we'll keep a chance in there, just in case. >>> live look from novato through northern san rafael past lucas valley road, headlights traffic light moving at the limit past freitas parkway past the civic center no issues and no fog through marin clear. macarthur maze points coming from 880, 580 and 80 into the bay bridge toll, everything is flowing nicely through the macarthur maze no issues once you get into the tolls, very light, no problems on the upper deck making your drive into san francisco minor accidents north 101 palo alt
santa cruz, gilroy and salinas, today sunny, warmest day this week. light rain tuesday night into wednesday morning that will usher in a much cooler air mass as it comes from alaska in a couple of hours. today, 65 san francisco, 68 oakland and santa rosa, near 70 at half moon bay, antioch 62 and richmond 66 in san jose, 64 in concord monterey bay mid to upper 60s around the bay and as you head inland mainly sunny a few high clouds from time to time just about anywhere. tonight high pressure takes core of warmer air, that means temperatures cooler in the 30s and 40s inland, 40s bay to the coast two areas of high pressure dominating now, the one over land is starting to give way just a little, holding on enough to bring offshore flow with clock wide rotation around that high -- clockwise rotation around that high in is the next weather system over top of this high pressure going to split these two, and drive through them starting tomorrow. you can see if in the evening in the north bay 7:00, light rain moving instead rain 9:00 steady rain in the bay by midnight and into the sou
mid to upper 50s santa cruz, gilroy and salinas, today sunny, warmest day this week. light rain tuesday night into wednesday morning that will usher in a much cooler air mass as it comes from alaska in a couple of hours. today, 65 san francisco, 68 oakland and santa rosa, near 70 at half moon bay, antioch 62 and richmond 66 in san jose, 64 in concord monterey bay mid to upper 60s around the bay and as you head inland mainly sunny a few high clouds from time to time just about anywhere. tonight high pressure takes core of warmer air, that means temperatures cooler in the 30s and 40s inland, 40s bay to the coast two areas of high pressure dominating now, the one over land is starting to give way just a little, holding on enough to bring offshore flow with clock wide rotation around that high -- clockwise rotation around that high in is the next weather system over top of this high pressure going to split these two, and drive through them starting tomorrow. you can see if in the evening in the north bay 7:00, light rain moving instead rain 9:00 steady rain in the bay by midnight an
in the south bay san jose reporting light rain through highway 101 east of gilroy around hollister. so far, we are not too impressed with the amounts, still rain out there the numbers are going to be chilly see the air. we'll talk more in detail coming up. first our commute. >>> good morning. we have chain requirements in the tahoe area highway 50 and 80 if you are traveling, keep changes handy live look at golden gate bridge, roadway is wet, no significant puddling or major flooding, you will find some wet roads which means slick driving conditions very light at the golden gate bridge. eastbound highway 4 roadwork loveridge to somersville until 5:30 this morning. grand avenue on-ramp to eastbound 580 shutdown due to injury accident. >>> people in sausalito bracing for what is expected to be the highest tide over the next couple of days they are called king tides only happen once a year rain could make the situation worse. high water flooded the streets yesterday forcing closure of highway 1 off-ramp on northbound 101 it also flooded a parking lot above richardson bay. the king tide is expecte
city the cool spot around the bay shore low to mid 40s elsewhere los gatos 39. 30s in gilroy, watsonville, santa cruz low to mid 40s salinas and monterey. partly cloudy, cool and dry today. light rain tomorrow and saturday, may get a break sunday before more chances of light rain next week. temperatures held down well below average with low to mid 50s today mostly sunny. monterey bay mostly sunny, mid 50s here and as you head inland. chilly night, not as cold as this morning clouds on the increase, 30s inland. 30s and 40s bay shore to the coast, starting to see rain move into the north bay towards tomorrow's morning commute. here's the set-up, cold low pressure pulling away now we are on the back side, air coming from alaska down the coast into our neighborhoods. a fast moving jet stream with many ripples of energy. first 4:00 tomorrow morning light rain pushing into sonoma county, 7:00 except for east and south bay, valleys there should be getting light rain all of us get rain by the end of the morning commute, 9:00 through noon then quickly slides south by 5:00, evening fes
50s for any -- inland areas closer to the water, warmer but not much,ly med a 54, 52 gilroy, 54 there, a lot of thrives by palo alto, wood side and menlo park, pacifica 54, san mateo 54, the city 53, but that is a soft 54, will drop fast tonight, clouds tonight, some rain tomorrow, more clouds than rain but we will look at it early. another one late saturday and early sunday with your weekend always in view that look strong for rain, these next two are kind of more bark than bite. >> okay. thank you steve. >> anytime. >> if we have clear skies tonight and tomorrow it will be a good time for sky watching. it is the peak of the meteor shower. the show starts at 7:00 p.m. both nights, the peak is around midnight with as many as 100 shooting stars an hour appearing to fly away from gemini, again great viewing if it is clear. >>> the nominations for the golden globes are out and could the giants be resurrecting another world series championship team? see who they just resigned. lots of prepaid cards come pre-filled with problems. enough is enough. introducing the chase liquid reloadable ca
this afternoon. it is still there as we look down toward the south bay, around gilroy. highway 101, heading out to the pass, we have been seeing the rain there. an isolated shower. reheated moisture from yesterday's torm storm. you get the daytime heat from this sun and that created that. temperatures are falling. 46 degrees in fairfield. 50 in half boone moon bay. 49 in fremont. we are headed to a cold night. the highs were on the chilly side. below normal, another frosty night inland. light rain arrives tomorrow. and bigger storms next week. here's a look at the frost advisory from woo'clock to 8:00 a.m. friday t. covers the interior valleys. temperatures low to mid 30s. watch out for patchy frost. slippery sidewalks. the only reason why the north bay valley's not included, we do have higher clouds moving in to the north bay first as the next storm approaches. you may get sheltered from really dropping too much. so we are going to go with the coldest readings, down to 32 in morgan hill, 33 in livermore, vallejo 35. napa, santa rosa, low to mid 30s. we are going tow see quite a -- going to see
be chilly. upper 40s to low 50s. we'll look for maybe a hint of sun near watsonville and gilroy. here is a look at seven-day forecast. we'll see scattered showers for sunday, rain likely on monday, a few lingering showers. wednesday we actually be a dry day. then thursday, larger storm system moves in to bring a series of heavy rain and gusty winds. thursday night, friday, even into next weekend looks good. >>> mike is here with sports. warriors on fire. >> they are not wet. warriors racked up seven game, 11-game road trip in atlanta. they lost to orlando last night and end with a victory over the hawks. warriors best start since '91 season. harrison barnes look strong. 19 for the game. carl landry solid off the bench. he had 19. 62-49 to the half. and here is three of his 13. david lee, averaging 20 and 10, the entire road trip. triple double and steal and the slam. 18 points for him. 6-1 on road trip. 115-93 is the final. they face new orleans on tuesday. >> facing u.c. davis after couple weeks of exams. first time in days for cardinals. only aggie player to show up. despite the lay
tomorrow, check in like this, 54 san jose. 54 morgan hill. 54 gilroy. and then the five-day forecast, slight chance in tomorrow. i will take that out because it is not even in the cards. bay area weekend, showery. main evented will be thursday into -- main event will be thursday into friday. >> thank you. >>> coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36, funeral services in newton, connecticut and a service tonight in the bay area to remember the young victims. also -- >> looks like any other house, but neighborhoods say the owners operate an illegal body shop and rental unit, what the city ask now -- city is now doing, join us for these stories and more on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. >>> march e joins us -- mark ibanez joins us next. w [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch,
of gilroy some falling around coyote lake, but that's about it. showers will end, we dry out tomorrow. that's what we expect next. so we get a break. we get sun tomorrow. then on chris may, it looks as if -- christmas it looks as if we're going to get more rain, but not too much by any means. tomorrow a little bit of the sunshine. several more major roads impacted tonight by the storm. and the niles canyon road between the road, they closed because of the rock slide. traffic is being detoured at 680. people are advised to avoid the area. now, state road 84 is closed in both directions because of a tree blocking all lanes. and in the santa cruz mountains of highway 17, they were closed for more than two hours, leading up to the mammoth backups, which have been reopened. and in so moe that county, they closed near valley ford because of flooding. and the counties did what they could to get ready for the aftermath as cbs 5 reporter shows us that people were hoping for the best. >> reporter: from the creeks to the flooded lots, they are dealing with the repercussions of the latest storms. >> ri
in watsonville, low to mid 40s santa cruz, gilroy salinas, 50 monterey. going to be partly cloudy today, showers over the ocean. freezing cold just about everywhere tonight, pets, plants and pipes, just about everywhere we have a freeze warning for the north bay valleys, frost advisory east bay valleys, bay shore and also the santa clara valley coast only area not under that advisory. stormy pattern starts thursday through the weekend. cold front from yesterday pushing through. next system reinforcing cold air staying offshore that is what is going to introduce us to the freezing temperatures tonight. thursday's storm and on the left that's our weekend storm, coming in a little further to the south, a little farther south, may have more moisture with it come the weekend. tomorrow you can see dry, overnight hours thursday morning at 6:00, light rain north bay, through the day it slowly sinks south, because of that we are going to have healthy amounts of rain lay long the coastybr and north bay -- thursday and thursday night into friday another dose of energy that will make it wet and windy friday
. gilroy 34. salinas and monterey low to mid 40s. cool start today, increasing clouds, light rain develops this afternoon. showers to start tomorrow morning, by the afternoon, it will be dry and that drying trend will last sunday through tuesday. no big warming trend, just temperatures close to where they should be in the 50s. high pressure west, high pressure east, trying to divide and conquer, spinning a lot of energy trying to breakthrough, and shove this off to the east. because this is stronger now, i think the front is going to stay out over the ocean for the better part of the morning hours. by noon, sprinkles, especially in the north bay, as we head towards 5:00, light rain starting to move in. moderate to possibly heavy rain out over the ocean near the coast by 10:00, then you can see low rotating to our south overnight with scattered showers snow level 3,000, possibly 2500 feet, snow on hamilton tomorrow, scattered showers through noon, gone by saturday afternoon near the coast or san francisco up to a half to 3/4 of an inch the farther you are inland less likely you will get dec
. 52, san rafael, and san francisco, livermore, 54. 50s for watsonville and gilroy. here's the seven-day forecast. a slight break tuesday. wednesday morning, get ready for morning frost. it will be cold but a dry day on wednesday. then heavy rain and wind expected on thursday. periods of rain could be heavy at times on friday. and it looks like another storm probably saturday night and early sunday morning. so, definitely stay tuned with us and we'll keep you updated. >> shu is here with sports. raiders big time. >> mike: the playoff picture coming into focus. the raiders playing a team they beat seven >> mike: the raiders hosting kansas city. the last time they beat the kansas city chiefs, seven week ago. the highlights are not up to nfl standards. chiefs, 17 yards offense in the first half. brady quinn, picked off by hansen. that led to a janikowski 50-yard field goal. 6-0 raiders. third quarter, mcfadden, with a 19-yarder. that led to jap cow ski's fourth field goal of the game. 12-0 raiders. mike goodson, spends away from one tackle. shake and bakes around another. 43 of his 89 o
booy 17. gilroy's sperrero and he gives him the first loss. the handlers are finishing off the details of the may fourth mega bout at the mgm grand in las vegas. this would be by far the biggest pay day of the -- of his career. they lobbied for a longtime and now expect an official announcement in the coming days. on sunday dennis alan says he wasn't good enough to be the back up. i guess that doesn't mean he is not good enough to be the starter. alan announcing he will give him his first nfl start on sunday in san diego, and here is why. >> we know what his strengths are. we know what his weaknesses are. to give him an opportunity to go out in a game against a division opponent at their place and give him a chance to play, and it gives us -- it gives us a view into the future. >> why not? they are 4-11. that's a lot of meat. the house of prime rib outing for the 49ers' o line for the house of prime rib has been hosting it for years. one thing is for sure. nobody leaves this thing hungry. >> the offensive line and the food here is perfect. it has always been perfect, and it always will
day, 53. 54 for gilroy as well as salinas. the seven-day forecast. bundle up tomorrow night. it's going to be cold. some clear sky. a few high clouds here and there. new year's day, get ready for lots of sunshine. temperatures in the 50s. looks like a very hard freeze but early wednesday morning and then we'll bring showers thursday and friday. >> sounds good. thank you, leigh. mike shumann is out. rick quan is in and you have the niners highlights. >> a lot of excitement i might lose my voice. >> ama: all the screaming. >> rick: for the 489ers to win the nfc west and earn the first-round bythey had to beast arizona and green bay lose to minnesota. the offense got going in the second. kaepernick and crabtree, the two-play drive. hits crabtree for the 31-yard gain, and then kaepernick finds crabtree open for a 49-yard touchdown. that connection was clicking. david akers continues to have his problems, making just two of four field goal attempts. with justin smith still sidelined, francois is trying to filled the void. frenchy is just that, sagging brandon hoyer, in the third, kae
to moderate to alamo and concord. it's in the south bay to santa cruz and gilroy and points southward down to the salinas valley where we have the most widespread rain at the moment. it's not over yet. we've had batches and periods of heavy wind and rain and there some more on the way. it will be a wet and soggy nights. seven-day forecast and close up looks at the locations where we x-some heavy rain during the evening hours. >> dan: we'll see you again shortly. getting to our reporters. sergio quintana is live in the santa cruz mountains with the story there. >> reporter: it started raining here in the last hour and a half or so but the last few days the series of storms has really left santa cruz mountain community very rain soaked. there are some residents who were bracing for tonight's line of rain. >> drivers who were either on that way to holiday dinner or leaving festivities had to deal with rain soaked roads. storms over last few days have left hillsides saturated like this one near boulder creek. they have been quick to cordon them off to make for safer driving and with today's li
on the peninsula. 56 palo alto. these temperatures across the santa clara valley back in through gilroy into morgan hill and into salinas will be the warmest across the bay area and pretty seasonal in the mid-50s. 55 antioch. 57 san francisco. that's where we should be for had time of the year. okay. here's the fun part. it's the seven-day forecast! and it's pretty unsettled. we have more rain sunday overnight through our monday morning commute a chance of a lingering shower during the day monday. more rain likely tuesday. we'll dry out and see that thing that we haven't seen in a while that sun. >> yes? >> on wednesday, there it is. thursday rain is late. we'll have more rain showers on thursday then we have a good chance of rain showers in the friday and saturday forecast. so to say we are going to have a white christmas in tahoe i think it's a fair assessment at this particular time. >> so you're busy. i like it. >> thank you. >>> vern is busy, too. couple of bay area teams? >> unbelievable thrilling finishes today. we have one in basketball, we have one in football, if you are at home, just thr
away from connecticut in gilroy tonight. about 70 people attended a vigil for the sandy hook victims. they came together at the south valley community church to pray, mourn, and heal. >> having an environment, a venue like this helps people process it. and then being able to give resources that kind of help people continue that journey. >> the names of all 26 victims were read and a candle was lit for each of them. we're getting a better idea who the sandy hook killer was. cbs reporter seth talked to a former classmate and a babysitter who says that adam lanza's mother gave him an odd warning about her son. >> what kind of kid was adam lanza as a classmate? >> just quiet. >> she remembers adam lanza from german class. >> on one side he did something unspeakable. while on the other that's not how i remember him. i remember him as a nice kid that i sat near in class. and we joked. he'd laugh. you know. that kind of thing. >> it was the spring of 2009 and the two were enrolled at western connecticut state university while lanza buzz in high school. >> we were hanging out outside of clas
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